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DANSES, niveau 2 (+ 1 an à 3 ans)



NOM de la danse


Musique proposée

 Addicted to love  Max Perry  Addicted to love - Kimber Klayton
 Alligator Rock

Berkshire C.L. Dancers

 Corine, Corinna - Asleep as the Wheel
Alligator Shuffle (partner) Dan Albro Jumpin the Jetty - Coastline
All You need Robbie McGohan Hickie All you really need is love - Brad Paisley
 As Good As  H. Born & N. Lindley  I ain't as good as I once was - Toby Keith
 Badonkadonk  Hot Pepper  Big Love - Tracy Bird
Bandido's Last Ride Gaye Teather Bandido's Last Ride
Best Friend waltz (partner) M. & J.M. Villeneuve You're the best friend - Mike Denver
Better times P. Scott & V. Morris Better times a comin - Derek Ryan
 Big One ( partner)      Gilles Labrecque  Big One - George Strait
 Pierre Mercier  One night at a time - George Stait
 Bop the B  K. Brown & L. Bowers  Memphis Tennessee - Sammy KershawHead Sopu
 Bread and Butter  Roz Morgan  Shortenin' Bread - The Tractors
 Bud Wiser  Robbie Mc Gowan Hickie  Make her fall In love with me - George Strait
 Butter Beans  Christopher Petre  Head South - Neal Mc Coy
 C.C.S.  T. Davis & J. Hammer  Third Rate Romance - Sammy Kershaw
 Cajun Slap  Inconnu  Twist and Shot - Mary Chapin Carpenter
 Cannibal Stomp  Lisa Frith  Cannibals - Mark Knopfler
Castaway Vivienne Scott Thrown out of love - Jason Mc Coy
Catahoula Hazel Pace Catahoula - Bellamy Brothers
 Celebrity  David Pitka  Easy Money - Brad Paisley
 Celtic Connection
 H. O Malley, L. Clarke,
M. Gallagher & P. Metelnic
 Rock on - Coyote Dax
 Coastin  Ray & Tina Yeoman  Lord of the Dance - Ronan Hardiman
 Cockadoodle  Kate Sala & Daan Geelen  She rules the Roots - Leland Martin
Colorado Girls (partner) Dan Albro Coloroda Girl - The High Rollers
 Come dance with me  Jo Thompson  Come dance with me - Nancy Hays
 Cooler online                 David Feltell  Online - Brad Paisley
Corn don't grow Tina Argyle Where corn don't grow - Travis Tritt
 Country Two Step  Masters In Line  I just want my baby back - Jerry Killgore
 Cotton Pickin' Morning     Steve Mason  Cotton Pickin' Morning - Blake Shelton

 Cowboy Shuffle (partner)    

 David Babcock  Cadillac Tears - Kevin Denney
Disappearing tail lights A. Biggs & P. Metelnick Disappearing tail lights - Gord Bamford
 East Bound & Down  Kathy Hunyadi  East bound and down - Jerry Reed
 Elvis Tonight (partner)  D. Girard & J. Godin  Elvis Tonight - Jason Allen
Five minutes (partner) D. Villellas & M. Orriols Side by side - Joni Arms
Girl's gone wild F. Ouhibi & V. Barjaud Girl's gone wild - Travis Tritt
 Ghost Train  Kathy Hunyadi  Baby likes to rock it - The Tractors
 Gotta keep praying  Yvonne Van Baalen  Till the answer comes - Paul Overstreet
 Grundy Gallop  Jenny Rockett  Sold - John Montgomery
 Hearts & Flowers  Adrian Krum  Hearts & flowers - Dave Sheriff
 Heave Away  Gerard Murphy  Heave Away - The Fables
 Home to Louisiana     Gilles Labrecque  Home to Louisiana - Ann Tayler
 Hooked on country  Jim Ferrazzano  Hooked on country - Atlanta Pop Orchestra
 Irish Stew  Lois Lightfoot  Iris Stew - Sham Rock
Jacket Joe  Ester & Jose Trapper Jacket Joe - George Mc Antony
 Jambalaya (line)  Ian St Leon  Jambalaya - Eddy Raven
 Just Le doux It  K. Gurdjian  Good Ride Cowboy - Garth Brooks
 Just a Minute  E. Ainsworth & L. Birks  Wait a minute - Sara Evans
Kiss me now (partner mixer)  Anna Ballaguer Album n° 2 - Joe & Rory
 Long long way (partner)  D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller  Long long way - Alan Jackson
 Mambo Shuffle  J.W. Grimes  Un momento Alla - Rick Trevino
 Mexico Shuffle (partner)      Linda Sansoucy  I've in Mexico - Blaine Larsen
 Mexican Vacation  Nathalie Pelletier  Mexican Vacation - J.C. Harrisson
Monday for Two (partner) Jocelyne Milleville Except for monday - Lorrie Morgan
 (A) New Wind (partner)  Sue Halliday  Somebody like you - Keith Urban
 Old country shuffle (partner)  L. & C. Chester  Designated drinker - A. Jackson
 One more midnight  Maggie Gallagher  One more midnight - Hal Ketchum
 Original Mexican Vacation (partner)  Nathalie Pelletier  Mexican Vacation - J.C. Harrisson
 Red Hot Rock'N Roller  Gaye Teather  Red Hot Rock'n Roller - Dave Sheriff
 Red Hot Salsa (line)  Christina Browne  Red Hot Salsa - Dave Sheriff
Roll in the hay  Annie Corthesy Roll in the hay - Don Derby
 Rhythm Valley  Annie Castellano  I get so Rattled - Jill Morris
 Rita's Waltz  Jo Thompson  Stars over Texas - Tracy Lawrence
 Rockin'  Anita McNab  Rockin' Pneumonia - Ronnie McDowell
 Rockin' With the Rhythm  Rob Fowler  Rocking with the rhythm of the rain - The Judds
 Skater Shuffle (partner)  Hot Pepper  Big Blue Note - Toby Keith
 Speak to the Sky  Keith Davies  Speak to the Sky - Brendon Walmsley
 Sweet Caballero (partner)  Linda Sansoucy  Ay Yi Yi Yi - Joni Harms
Sweet Delight (partner) Dan Albro Tonight at Fiesta - John Arthur Martinez
 Sweetheart scottishe (partner)   Inconnu  Man in the moon - Patty Loveless
 Tailgate  Dan Albro  Tailgate - Neal Mc Coy
Tag On David Villellas Too strong to break - Beccy Cole
Telepathy Chris Hodgson You can't read my mind - Toby Keith
 Ten Rounds  Nancy A. Morgan  10 rounds with José Cuervo - Tracy Byrd
 The Outback  Gordon Elliot  I'm a Member of the Outback Club - Lee Kernhagan
 The Trail  Judy Mac Donald  Trail of tears - Billy Ray Cirus
  This Old Boy   Kathy Hunyadi   This Ole Boy - Craig Morgan
 Toes  Rachel McEnaney  Toes - Zac Brown Band
 Trailerhood  Pierre Lejeune  Trailerhood - Toby Keith
 Wanna Be Elvis  Robbie McGowan Hickie  Elvis Tonight - Jason Allen
West Coas Tulsa J.R. Galego Tulsa Time - Don Williams
 Wild Stallion  "Hillbilly Rick"  Ghots riders in the sky - Mariotti Brothers
 Wishfull Thinking  Jim O'Neill  Loving all night - Rodney Crowell
White rose Gaye Taether White rose - Toby Keith

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